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News Briefs | August 2022

News Briefs - August 2022 Issue of Ka Wai Ola

News Briefs | July 2022

News Briefs | July 2022 Issue of Ka Wai Ola

News Briefs | June 2022

OHA Office Blessings As part of OHA's reopening of its offices to the public after two years of teleworking, office blessings were planned for all...

News Briefs | May 2022

Piʻikea Lopes Wins Miss Aloha Hula 2022 and OHA Hawaiian Language Award E hoʻomaikaʻi iā Piʻikea Kekīhenelehuawewehiikekauʻōnohi Lopes, who was named Miss Aloha Hula 2022...

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Office of Hawaiian Affairs Trustee: All Candidates (2020)

Q1 Should affordable housing incentives (fee waivers, regulatory exemptions, state funds and other subsidies) require housing developers to ensure that their projects are actually...

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