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May the Name of Piʻilani Live

Piʻilani was a famous high chief of Maui. He was a grandson of Kahekili and great-grandson of Kekaulike.

Ola ka inoa ʻo Piʻilani

O Piʻilani, he aliʻi kaulana o Maui nō ia. He moʻopuna ʻo ia na Kahekili a he moʻopuna kualua na Kekaulike.

No ka Papahana Iwi Kuamoʻo: Ka Hoʻoulu ʻana i ka ʻOihana...

ʻO ka Papahana Iwi Kuamoʻo, he papahana ia e holo ana no nā makahiki he ʻekolu i hoʻokumu ʻia e ka ʻAha Kāne a kākoʻo ʻia hoʻi e ka Papa Luna Hoʻokele no ka Poʻe ʻŌiwi o ʻAmelika (ANA).

Project Iwi Kuamoʻo: Building Capacity to Care for Iwi Kūpuna

Project Iwi Kuamoʻo is a three-year project developed by ʻAha Kāne and supported by a grant from the Administration for Native Americans. ʻAha Kāne is an organization of Native Hawaiian men whose purpose is to normalize Native Hawaiian worldviews and cultural practices.


Development on properties historically used for traditional and customary Native Hawaiian practices can cause great harm to cultural practitioners and all who benefit from their cultural practice.

You Can Start Your Own Amazon Business. Yes, You!

What if you had no business experience, less than $1,000 dollars, and no ideas for a product? Does that sound like a recipe for entrepreneurial success? Not to most of us.

News Briefs | May 2022

Piʻikea Lopes Wins Miss Aloha Hula 2022 and OHA Hawaiian Language Award E hoʻomaikaʻi iā Piʻikea Kekīhenelehuawewehiikekauʻōnohi Lopes, who was named Miss Aloha Hula 2022...

Waiwai Economics: Solid Investments for Lifetimes of Change

Thriving kamaliʻi emerge from the aloha and mālama provided by their ʻohana and kaiāulu. Enriched nurturing experiences in early childhood are strongly related to positive outcomes across our lifespans.

E ka Lāhui – Our Voices Matter

As my eyes scanned across the sign, I couldn’t help but fixate on that phrase, beaming in white block letters. For me, what stood out was the single conjunction – “and” – that stitched Hawaiian and vote together as if they were mutually exclusive.
Photo: Axis deer

Protecting Our Cultural Places

The Palauea Cultural Preserve is a cultural and historical site in the ahupuaʻa of Palauea, moku of Honuaʻula, on Maui.

Kilo Malama 2022 Pānānā Collective Series Unveiled

The ʻAimalama Collective formally started in 2015 to bring awareness and action to Hawaiʻi’s communities in response to the burgeoning climate change initiatives of that time.
Ka Wai Ola

OHA Announces $14.9 Million in Grant Solicitations

Grants targeted at strengthening family, culture and land connections, and increasing supports in education, health, housing and economic stability.

Seeing Red

Local community groups and organizations are working to raise awareness about the violence that Native Hawaiian women, girls and māhū face in Hawaiʻi.

Maui Island Project Updates

Roughly a year ago in this space, the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL) provided a status update for several projects occurring on Molokaʻi.

The Wahi Pana of Molokini

In recent years, the islet of Molokini has become an internet sensation with its picturesque crescent shape surrounded by inviting cobalt blue waters.

Huliau… A Turning Point, A Time of Change

By the time you read this, the legislature is about to “sine die” (adjourn). And hopefully, SB2122, SD1, HD2, HD3 has passed and become law.

OHA Spending

I recently attended the annual Commonfund forum in Orlando Florida. This forum is put on every year, free of charge, by Commonfund, a global asset management firm who was a pioneer in long-term investing for nonprofits and other institutions.

A Perfect Storm of Opportunities

As Lahaina Restoration Foundation (LRF) celebrates its 60th anniversary, no one in 1962 could have imagined where the organization, and the world, would be in 2022.

Kuhinia Maui: Wai and a Return to ‘Āina Momona

In an early 20th century mele, Kiaʻāina recounts the characteristics and beauty of Maui’s ʻāina momona.

Molokaʻi Nui A Hina: Great Molokaʻi, Child of Hina

In ka mahina o Mei, we dedicate a day to honor our mothers. Yes, that should be every day but, as a mother, I know we’ll all take the holiday! For Molokaʻi, this has special significance.

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