Submission of Opinion Pieces (Haʻi Manaʻo and Letters to the Editor) to Ka Wai Ola

To create a space for community members and organizations to share their manaʻo on issues affecting our lāhui, Ka Wai Ola will allow unsolicited writers to submit OpEds (opinion pieces on issues of interest to Native Hawaiians) and Letters to the Editor (commentary/responses to articles that have appeared in Ka Wai Ola) within the following parameters:

  1. Opinion pieces must be submitted via email to by the 15th of the month prior to the issue.
    1. Haʻi Manaʻo (OpEds) should not exceed 500 words
    2. Letters to the Editor should not exceed 200 words
  2. All opinion pieces must be submitted as Word documents or placed in the body of the email using standard upper/lower case formatting.
  3. The author of the opinion piece must have some type of “expertise” (professional credentials or personal experience) in the subject area.
  4. All opinion pieces must be signed with the writer’s full name, email address, phone number  and, if appropriate, the organization they represent.  OpEds should also be submitted with a brief (2-3 sentence) bio about the writer.
  5. Ka Wai Ola will validate/verify the writer’s identity.
  6. Ka Wai Ola reserves the right to edit letters and OpEds.
  7. Ka Wai Ola reserves the right to decide which submissions are printed. Things that factor into the decision include fact-based viewpoint, relevance to current events, connection to the Ka Wai Ola issue theme, and compelling writing. Ka Wai Ola will not print endorsements written by individuals or organizations.  Ka Wai Ola will not print submissions from Political Action Committees (PAC).
  8. Should the editor have any concerns about the content of an OpEd or letter, the editor will forward the column to the manager for review and, if appropriate, to Senior Legal Counsel.
  9. If Senior Legal Counsel identifies any problems, and depending on its severity, the editor will either correspond with the writer to revise/modify their OpEd or letter, or reject it.
  10. Ka Wai Ola will not print any letters or opinions that attack, slander, defame or demean an individual or organization, and OHA reserves the sole right to determine whether an opinion piece does or does not meet this criteria.
  11. Ka Wai Ola will advertise the availability of OpEds and Letters to the Editor to the public online at and in the printed newspaper as space allows.
  12. Ka Wai Ola will print Letters to the Editor, but will not respond to them.