MANGAUIL, Lanakila

1 What are the top three issues facing the Native Hawaiian community today?
2 OHA’s mission is to improve conditions for Native Hawaiians. What skills do you offer to help OHA fulfill its mission?
3 How can OHA better ensure that Maunakea and its cultural and environmental integrity are appropriately protected?
Photo: Lanakila Mangauil

Nonpartisan Special
AGE: 33
Educator and Cultural Center Director

    1. 1) The continued fight for justice against the military occupation and colonization of the Hawaiian nation by the USA and the State of Hawaiʻi.
    2. 2) Economic inequality, lack of economic diversity, and gentrification leads to kanaka being priced out of affordable living. These preexisting issues have now been exacerbated due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.
    3. 3) Address the mismanagement of agricultural and conservation lands leading to environmental degradation, exploitation of natural resources, loss of revenue, and the continued destruction of sacred sites and iwi kūpuna.
  1. I am an innovative, forward thinking kanaka rooted in the foundation of our ʻike kūpuna. ʻIke in alignment with the ecology of these islands. I am not afraid to think out of the box, to challenge the norm or status quo when and where necessary.
    The years spent as an educator at various schools and community settings enabled me to become a skilled listener and communicator that values diverse perspectives.
    I am not ashamed to ask for help and will actively seek out and bring together those who do hold the knowledge and skills to address the tasks at hand. “Kui Lehua.”
  2. OHA should first put its full support behind the protection of Maunakea and oppose any further destructive development projects. The pending lawsuit that OHA filed against the state for mismanagement and failing to protect these sacred conservation lands is a great start.
    I would advocate that OHA push for the lands of Maunakea, which are Hawaiian Crown lands, to be removed from the state inventory and, like Kahoʻolawe, placed into a trust land reserve. OHA should then support the formation of a quasi-autonomous body to assume the management of Maunakea.

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