Ka Wai Ola’s Hawaiʻi Election Issue


Go behind the scenes with OHA Digital and Print Media Manager Alice Silbanuz and learn what it took to put together the July 2020 Election issue of Ka Wai Ola. While providing voter information to readers is a common practice for Ka Wai Ola, this year they greatly expanded their candidate survey. In an unprecedented move, Ka Wai Ola surveyed all 300+ candidates running for office in all of the Hawaiʻi races which includes: OHA Trustee, City Council, Hawaiʻi State Representative, Hawaiʻi State Senator, Mayor, Prosecuting Attorney, and U.S. Congressional Representative.

The candidates were asked for their stance on issues such as the protection of Maunakea, use of Public Land Trust revenues, lowering property taxes, halting the sale of property to nonresidents, raising the minimum wage, and many other hot button issues affecting our lāhui and all of Hawaiʻi.

View the special Hawaiʻi Election 2020 section of Ka Wai Ola to find out how the candidates responded to these questions.