He Mana Kō Ka Leo Pualu; There is Power in a Collective Voice


Photo: Kirsten Kahaloa

There are many uncertainties as we recover from COVID-19 and work to reshape our economic future for Hawaiʻi. The past few months have been challenging in different ways for different people, ranging from inconvenience and discomfort to devastation of living situations and careers. This discomfort and devastation can be a catalyst for a Hawaiʻi that takes better care of our place and our people. As we work to rebuild our communities and our economy, how can we rebuild better?

July ushers in the opportunity to use our voice to make change. 2020 is an election year and it is our right and duty to vote for the leaders who shape the policies that govern our communities. Each person who votes makes a difference. As a lāhui, voting becomes a collective voice for change. We can no longer sit on the sidelines and make excuses for not voting. It has cost us too much for too long. We need to stand up and vote for what we all believe in – a better future for our kamaʻāina families.

There is no better time than now, whether you have voted for decades, or will be voting for the first time. Since we have all-mail voting this year, there will be no standing in lines or taking off from work to participate in civic engagement. Voting just became easier and safer in 2020, so go and vote!

Our Native Hawaiian Chambers of Commerce are organizations amplifying a collective Hawaiian voice. We are a network of 800+ engaged members from across Hawaiʻi that support local businesses and responsible economic growth, as well as Hawaiian culture, people, language, and our home. We embrace our kuleana to ensure that aloha and the descendants of this land are at the forefront of discussions about how we shape and determine our future.

We must, and can, do better for Hawaiʻi; and our strength grows in numbers. That matters. Connect with your local Native Hawaiian Chamber as we work together to strengthen our voices in this important time in history.