The Justice Seeker


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Photo: Kalani Akana

Alice Kamokilaikawai Campbell was a role model of a person seeking justice. Her mother, Abigail Kuaihelani Maʻipinepine, was her role model. Her mother led Hui Aloha ʻĀina o Nā Wahine, the group that collected the signatures of those opposing the annexation of Hawaiʻi to America.

Photo: Alice Kamokilaikawai Campbell
Alice Kamokilaikawai Campbell –
Photo: Courtesy

Kamokila Campbell opposed the entry of the Territory of Hawaiʻi into the United States of America. While the Big Five (Alexander and Baldwin, Castle and Cook, Amfac, C. Brewer, and Theo H. Davies) coveted statehood, she opposed it saying:

I do not feel . . . we should forfeit the traditional rights and privileges of the natives of our islands for a mere thimbleful of votes in Congress, that we, the lovers of Hawaii from long association with it should sacrifice our birthright for the greed of alien desires to remain on our shores, that we should satisfy the thirst for power and control of some inflated industrialists and politicians who hide under the guise of friends of Hawaiʻi, yet still keeping an eagle eye on the financial and political pressure button of subjugation over the people in general of these islands. (17 Jan. 1946, ʻIolani Palace)

She spoke on behalf of her people as well as for those who feared the Big Five and losing their jobs and livelihood.

Recently, the populace has marched. The citizens of the United States of America and the world have protested the injustice of a system that to allows public servants to continually punish people of color. It was a demonstration that people want equality and justice under the law and policies of fair government. Voting is one path towards rectifying these injustices. Therefore, let us unite heaven and earth with your precious vote.