Photo: Pacific Century Fellows Program Participants

The Fund for the Pacific Century, a charitable, nonprofit organization, is accepting applications for its 17th class of Pacific Century Fellows. The program, modeled after the White House Fellows Program, is designed to recognize and encourage Hawai‘i’s future leaders.

The nine-month program will include approximately 30 of Hawai‘i’s most promising individuals from all segments of our community who are in their mid- 20s to early 40’s. The fellows will be selected by a 16-member committee of prominent citizens based on their demonstrated ability to set and achieve goals and on having exhibited leadership qualities in their current professional, volunteer, and civic activities.

Mufi Hannemann, who serves as chairperson of the board of the Fund for the Pacific Century, was himself a White House Fellow in 1983-84. “It has been exciting to see this program develop and to hear from past participants on how they have benefited from the experience. Graduates of the program include elected officials in various positions, including U.S. Senator and Congressman, Governor, and Mayor, executives and top business leaders, major labor and non- profit representatives, University professors, media and public relations officials, physicians and healthcare professionals, and military officers. We will be selecting our 17th class of fellows and providing these up-and-coming leaders with a unique opportunity to gain a better understanding of the issues confronting our community and nation,” said Hannemann. Those chosen will gain a broader view of those issues through direct contact with senior community, social and government leaders.

The program has, in fact, been so successful that in 2014, a chapter of the Pacific Century Fellows program was established in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands and included participants from both the Commonwealth and Guam. They have selected their sixth class and are well into the program year.

“Program Fellows are encouraged to develop long-term relationships and are expected to play active public service roles. In this regard, the classes of both programs are provided with an opportunity to meet each other when the Marianas Chapter fellows come to Hawaii as a part of their program year,” said Hannemann.

Individual companies may sponsor candidates for the program. The program fee is $4,000, which covers expenses. Employers are encouraged to pay employee program costs, but tuition assistance is available. The application and program information is available at The application submission deadline is June 14, 2019. Finalists will be interviewed in early August and the Opening Retreat that kicks off the 2019-2020 program is held in September, at the Turtle Bay Resort.

Photo: Kawika FiddlerKawika Fiddler

“The Pacific Century Fellows program was an amazing and unique opportunity to learn more about Hawai‘i, be exposed to the issues that impact our community, and be surrounded by like-minded emerging leaders to find solutions to improve our island home for future generations.”

Photo: Diane PalomaDiane Paloma

“One thing that stands out to me about PCF is the network of peers that I would never cross paths within our regular work-worlds. I had the opportunity to see organizations and view industries from a new lens which led toward new ways of solving problems.”

Photo: Jason PalomaJason Paloma

“I highly recommend the Pacific Century Fellows program to anyone interested in personal growth and professional development while participating in a collective effort to broaden the way you think about Hawai‘i’s future.”

Photo: Kalani FrondaKalani Fronda

“PCF, one the premier leadership programs in Hawai‘i, exceeded my expectations. I really enjoyed the monthly educational sessions which were very interactive providing opportunities to learn from and converse with leaders in the industries that are actively addressing Hawai‘i’s issues. PCF continues beyond graduation. As an alumnus, you have a relationship to a lifelong network of Hawai‘i’s leaders.”