MACHADO, Colette

1 What are the top three issues facing the Native Hawaiian community today?
2 OHA’s mission is to improve conditions for Native Hawaiians. What skills do you offer to help OHA fulfill its mission?
3 How can OHA better ensure that Maunakea and its cultural and environmental integrity are appropriately protected?
Photo: Colette Machado

Nonpartisan Special
AGE: 69
Elected Official

  1. The three top issues facing the Native Hawaiian community are economic self-sufficiency, access to affordable housing, and protecting our ʻāina and wai resources for future generations. Our keiki deserve to grow-up knowing that they can live and thrive in Hawaiʻi without concerns of being priced out of their own home. The ʻāina not only provides for our people, but also ties us culturally and spiritually to our ancestors. We have a responsibility to mālama all of these resources.
  2. As a grassroots organizer, I have been at the forefront of movements to protect our ʻāina and advance the needs of our Lāhui over several decades. I am straightforward and honest in my approach and in the way I work with others. I always stand up for what I believe is right, and give a voice to people who feel they are not being heard. I have a long record in working successfully with community leaders and elected officials across different levels of government to advance the needs of our people.
  3. OHA must stay its course in its advocacy for improved stewardship of Maunakea, which includes seeing through its lawsuit to hold the State of Hawaiʻi and University of Hawaiʻi accountable for decades of mismanagement. OHA must also continue to lift the voices of kūpuna and other community leaders who have taken on the kuleana to mālama Maunakea’s cultural and environmental resources.

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