Beneficiaries say sand mining activity on Maui is disturbing iwi kūpuna. - Photo: Courtesy Sierra Club Maui

Sand dune mining in central Maui is an issue of major concern, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs Board of Trustees heard during their community meetings on Maui in June.

During public testimony, several beneficiaries shared concerns that mining sand dunes in central Maui disturbs iwi kūpuna. The dunes are mined for construction materials, with millions of tons shipped to Oʻahu.

In response, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs calls upon Maui Lani Partners to cease all sand and other resource extraction and grading to allow:

  • The Maui Department of Planning to determine if sand extraction violates the Maui Zoning Code;
  • The Maui Department of Public Works to determine whether revocation or suspension of the Phase IX grading permit is appropriate; and
  • The State Historic Preservation Department and the Maui Lānaʻi Islands Burial Council to properly investigate the discovery of burials and whether historic preservation laws and conditions have been fully complied with and enforced.