E Ala E – Arise and Awaken The Light Within…Future Strong!

A new year has begun…and we should seek to attain greater inner peace and through our culture we gain knowledge for our daily lives. I love this chant! It is one of my favorites. — (from Mana‘o Ulu Wale-Random Musings)

E ala e, ka lā i ka hikina,
Awaken/Arise, the sun in the east

I ka moana, ka moana hohonu,
From the ocean, the deep ocean,

Pi‘i ka lewa, ka lewa nu‘u,
Climbing to heaven, the highest heaven,

I ka hikina, aia ka lā, e ala e!
In the east, there is the sun, arise!

Our Hawaiian culture believes that wisdom is held within; it is innate and one should seek to awaken and arise with it! Our culture has a truly unique method of weaving this enlightenment into its chants. A marvelous chant called, “E Ala E” refers to an old saying: “Piha ka pea i ka eka e”. Metaphorically speaking, this really means: People come to Kona to fill their sails of knowledge so they can move forward like a canoe. The Hawaiian people will never allow their heritage to disappear. It is fiercely and lawfully protected forever! (Article entitled “Tour filled with Hawaiian history,” The Honolulu Star-Advertiser, 2011 November 6)

Kumu Hula Pualani Kanahele also uses another traditional chant “E Iho Ana” on Mauna Kea before the Sunrise:

E iho ana o luna
E pi‘i ana o lalo
E hui ana na moku
E ku ana ka paia

The high will be brought low
The low will be lifted up
The islands will be united
The walls shall stand upright

Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo‘ole wrote lyrics for his song also entitled E Ala E:

We the voices behind the face
Of the Hawaiian nation, the Hawaiian race
Rise for justice that day has come
For all our People to stand as One.

E Ala E, E Ala E
E Ala E, ‘ea, ‘ea, ‘ea
E Ala E, ‘ea, ‘ea, ‘ea

E huli i ka ho‘i i ka pakini alamihi
Gone are the days of the alamihi ways
E kiko i ka piko o ka mana o ka po‘e
The power of the people is our piko
‘O ka piko ke aloha o ka ‘aina, O ka ‘aina

We the warriors born to live
On what the land and sea can give
Defend our birthright to be free
Give our children liberty.

E Ala E, ‘ea, ‘ea, ‘ea
E Ala E, ‘ea, ‘ea, ‘ea
E Ala E
E Ala E
E Ala E
E Ala E

Israel Kamakawiwo‘ole’s “E Ala E” can be viewed at www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BqZPLNoaos.

So Remember as we enter this new year of 2018…

E Ala E! – Arise, Wake Up, Rise Up!

Hau‘oli Makahiki Hou… in this “Year of The Hawaiian” as well as the “Year of the Loyal Dog!”

A hui hou till next month, Trustee ‘Ala (Leina‘ala)