Directory of Hawaiian Language Translators Launches


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Submitted by Kanaeokana and the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement

Feb. 1, 2023, welcomes the launch of web-based Papa Kuhikuhi Poʻe Unuhi – a directory of Hawaiian language translators. Papa Kuhikuhi Poʻe Unuhi will provide a place for individuals, businesses, and government agencies to locate Hawaiian language translation professionals.

Users of Papa Kuhikuhi Poʻe Unuhi will be able to quickly identify businesses, entrepreneurs, and creatives that provide translation services for a variety of technical and vital documents, including documents subject to translation under language access laws such as Chapter 321C, Hawaiʻi Revised Statutes. Translation of educational materials, signage, and creative media products can also be provided by several of the translators in the directory.

The goal of the directory is to help meet the growing demand for Hawaiian language translation services and consultations both big and small. This is a result of the growth in the number of Hawaiian language speakers and the need to have Hawaiian language featured more prominently in the everyday lives of residents. The Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement (CNHA), one of the creators of the directory, has noted an uptick in demand from government agencies in search of translators for government documents and services in the last several years.

Users of Papa Kuhikuhi Poʻe Unuhi can scroll for a translator that meets their specific translation needs and contact the translators directly to make an inquiry. The expertise of each translator is specific and unique just like the translation work being sought. Due diligence by the users of the directory should be taken to understand and properly vet the qualifications of the translator before being hired or contracted. The directory provides contact information for each translator.

Papa Kuhikuhi Poʻe Unuhi, is a collaborative project between CNHA and Kanaeokana. Papa Kuhikuhi Poʻe Unuhi is co-managed as a free service to the community. Inquiries regarding the directory can be emailed to Please visit Papa Kuhikuhi Poʻe Unuhi at