SONODA, Lenson

1 What are the top three issues facing the Native Hawaiian community today?
2 OHA’s mission is to improve conditions for Native Hawaiians. What skills do you offer to help OHA fulfill its mission?
3 How can OHA better ensure that Maunakea and its cultural and environmental integrity are appropriately protected?

Photo: Lenson Sonoda

Nonpartisan Special
AGE: 69
Marketing, Sales, Entrepreneur, Entertainer, MC
Website: none

    1. 1) KUPUNA/ ʻOHANA Caregivers
    2. 2) HOMELESSNESS/ Home Ownership
    3. 3) PROTECTING Vulnerable persons.
  1. 2 years Hospice / 15 years Kupuna Caregiving. 30 plus years Travel & Visitor industry.
    Entrepreneur. Entertainer MC. I have worked with many diverse people extending my hand in friendship and ALOHA to work together as a Team player and a Leader when needed.
  2. Dismantle and remove all structures making way for 1 Telescope to be co-managed by Hawaiian Council leading its stewardship into the future.
    Sharing opportunities of employment, commerce, science, discovery, education, mentoring Keiki and advancement of our community.
    Acknowledge and recognize the Mauna as sacred along with freedom to practice traditional Hawaiian culture and worship without hindrance

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