PEREZ, Brittny

1 What are the top three issues facing the Native Hawaiian community today?
2 OHA’s mission is to improve conditions for Native Hawaiians. What skills do you offer to help OHA fulfill its mission?
3 How can OHA better ensure that Maunakea and its cultural and environmental integrity are appropriately protected?
Photo: Brittny Perez

Nonpartisan Special
AGE: 26
Home Health Aid

  1. The issues facing our community today are reclaiming ceded lands, the preservation of our culture, and human trafficking. Today we are witnessing a wave of Native Hawaiians doing everything they can to reclaim their rightful lands. We need to reclaim a lot of our culture and a huge part of that would be to implement Hawaiian language back into the public schools. With 64% of the homeless population identifying as Hawaiian and 75% of trafficked victims reporting they were homeless, we are systematically endangering our native population.
  2. One of my skills is communication, we currently see a lack of communication between trustees and OHA. Both sides have become very frustrated with each other over poor communication and that is a major issue I intend to rectify. Another one of my skills is my ability to use technology, I believe using technology to reach our beneficiaries needs better implementation. We should be taking advantage of technology to better serve our beneficiaries in guiding them to receive the benefits they qualify for not just in OHA but outside resources as well.
  3. The lease hold of Mauna Kea needs to be revoked immediately from the University of Hawaii and they should not be allowed to renew their lease. Building permits for the telescope on Mauna Kea needs to be suspended, investigated for corruption and voided.

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