Keline Kahau


Photo: Kelina Kahau

  • Age | 49
  • Occupation | Federal Postal Judge
  • Where did you grow up | Nānākuli
  • Schooling | Moanalua High, Hawaiʻi Business College
  • Current residence | Papakōlea, Oʻahu
  • Website |
  1. I would abolish the Jones act and create Hawaiʻi New Contract based upon Hawaiʻi treaty with the other counties so we can have our own good ship to Hawaiʻi and stop foreign investments on the land.
  2. I would help our local farmers so that Hawaiʻi will be self-sustainable with land, equipment and the resources that are needed and promote work. That way our food stay in Hawaiʻi from cattle, dairy, piggery, vegetable, fruits and canning to help.
  3. I would want all schools public and private that must have a class that is a requirement of all ages to learn the ʻōlelo Hawaiʻi, we are in Hawaiʻi every one must learn the language that is of the land. there needs to be books and teachers that need this requirement. I do also believe that the SCHOOLS need to get the parents involved in this learning. As governor, we need to create a path to provide this for our families.

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