Clyde McClain (Mac) Lewman


Photo: Mac Lewman

  • Age | 75
  • Occupation | Semi Retired – Flooring Brooker
  • Where did you grow up | Eugene, Oregon
  • Schooling | University of Oregon BS Psychology
  • Current residence | Honolulu, O‘ahu
  • Website |
  1. All Hawaiʻi state-owned land along with Kamehameha lands to be managed by the state and leased at a low rate for farmland and home building. The state to subsidize 30-, 50-, 100- or 200-year low-interest rate mortgages. Explore well-designed and managed homeless and non-homeless community structured campgrounds for long-term residences.
    Begin a tourist environmental impact fee with proceeds going to cleaning up the islands by offering this work to the homeless and others. Periodic neighborhood cleanups as well. A clean car, house and community improves everyone’s attitude and increases tourism and tourism responsibility.
    The state to offer monthly or weekly international “Solution Conferences” that would be attractive to most all countries whose representatives would most likely bring their entourages and families. Because we are Hawaiʻi. And ask for donations or charge a relatively high fee to attend.
  2. Implement a state-assisted private property food-box program with state assistance for developing, planting, harvesting, processing and distributing. Wherever practicable, convert grass yards to garden spaces. Develop a state website showing the best crops to plant in different areas. Increase community gardening areas for non-homeowners. Plant two fruit trees per private property and in public spaces. The state budget allows one-third of 1% for agriculture. Needs to increase. Food is freedom!
  3. Begin a Hawaiian language immersion program by having Hawaiian language experts holding assemblies once per month and alternating schools daily. To include talk story and singing using song sheets written in English and Hawaiian. Songs could be sung to begin or end classes and teachers could greet and say goodbye using Hawaiian phrases with student responses in Hawaiian. Have a Hawaiian word or phrase of the day on the blackboard of every class to be written down five times in a personal Hawaiian word and phrase notebook at the beginning of each class.

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