Tucked into kiawe shade at Paniau, puapilo thrives. - Photo: Bobby Camara

Our endemic caper (Capparis sandwichiana) astonishes, growing as it often does out of bare pōhaku or sand at dry coastal areas. Buds open in the evening and their short-lived beauty fades by the next morning.

Kuʻu Pua Nocturnal

    in mid-day sun

grey-green leaves beckon

sprawling on weathered ‘a‘ā

sturdiness belied by softness

the orb descends

shadows lengthen still sharp rock

nurtures subtle beauty

fattening buds

cool of evening celebrated

delicate stamens unfurl

glowing in rising moonlight

trembling in night time breeze

lovely scent wafted elusive

hidden blooms surprise

ku‘u pua nocturnal fades

wilted pink in morning light

memories cherished

unforgettable places dear

lavalands company of loved ones

ku‘u pua nocturnal