Kaizen is My Core Value


Photo: Deʻja Ontiveros

By Deʻja Ontiveros Grade 8 Waimea Middle School

Kaizen is a core value of our school that resonates with me strongly. It reflects my belief that perfection is unattainable and that every day presents an opportunity to learn from yesterday’s mistakes and improve upon them. In this article, I will delve into what Kaizen means to me, how I apply it daily, and how it relates to teamwork.

To me, Kaizen represents the idea of being able to revise and redo one’s choices to improve upon them. Although I am not immune to bad days, I always strive to learn from my mistakes and use them as an opportunity to do better.

I believe that Kaizen is a value that can be imparted to others, as it is a way of life that encourages constant self-improvement. Moreover, Kaizen also teaches me that mistakes are a natural part of life and that it is okay to make them as long as one is willing to learn from them.

In my daily life, I often find myself getting frustrated with tasks that do not go as planned.

However, I have learned to take a break and reflect on the core values that guide my life. Kaizen is often the first value that comes to mind, as it reminds me that I can always come back to a task later or try again to achieve a better outcome. Additionally, I find that Kaizen also applies to my personal life, where I try to correct any mistakes that I have made and improve myself.

Kaizen is also a value that has implications for teamwork and cultural norms. When working with a team, I find it important to remind my colleagues to embrace Kaizen and learn from any mistakes that they may have made.

This approach fosters a culture of constant self-improvement and encourages everyone to work together to achieve better outcomes. Additionally, as someone who values Hawaiian culture, I also believe that Kaizen is in line with traditional Hawaiian values of respect and trust. To work together effectively, we must have respect for one another and be honest and trustworthy.

In conclusion, Kaizen is a core value that defines me as a person. I believe it is important to embrace this value to continually improve oneself and achieve better outcomes. By embodying Kaizen in our daily lives, we can create a culture of constant self-improvement and work together to achieve success.

*Kaizen is a Japanese concept referring to continuous improvement.