Important Work for Our Youth


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Greetings to all, from Hawaiʻi Island to Niʻihau. There is a lot of interest from many people on what is going on at the State Capitol. The Hawaiʻi State Legislature recently convened its 2022 Regular Session on Jan. 19, 2022. This marks the beginning of what many of us refer to as the “Legislative Session.”

In this legislative session, we, at the Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce are working together with various organizations to promote the work going on at the legislature and to encourage people to become civically engaged, primarily focusing on our ʻōpio. Ka Leo O Nā ʻŌpio (KONO) is our main partner in these efforts to elevate the voice of the next generation.

We strive to provide opportunities for ʻōpio to engage with one another (and with the community) to prepare them to assume leadership roles in the future. In the coming months, we will also be planning various events that will be focused on what is going on at the Capitol. Through these events, the ʻōpio (and our chamber members) will be able to engage directly with government leaders and others in leadership positions. These events also offer the opportunity for ʻōpio to share their thoughts and express their voices on various issues.

If you are interested in supporting or engaging in these activities, please reach out to KONO via email at