Seeking Participants for Public Policy Framework Development


We need your kōkua to make amazing changes in governance and to vastly improve the quality of our lives here in Ka Pae ʻĀina o Hawaiʻi Nei (The Hawaiian Islands).

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs’ (OHA) Public Policy Paia (department) within OHA’s Advocacy Division will be launching a number of campaigns directed at developing specific Public Policy Frameworks that are intended to guide the establishment of good policy and law in the State of Hawaiʻi.

For this first phase of development, we are seeking input from OHA beneficiaries on specific subject matter areas, while also convening internal working groups of subject matter experts to lay the foundation for our frameworks.

Our two initial subject matter areas for framework development:

  1. Food Systems, Rural Development, and Housing – Native Hawaiians are disparately impacted by the high cost of living in Hawaiʻi, which is interconnected with other Native Hawaiian disparities in health, economic stability, housing, education, etc. For Native Hawaiians in rural communities, this burden is even greater.We want to hear from Hānai ʻAi (food producer practitioners – farmers, fishers, ranchers, hunters, etc.) and members of rural communities to help us restructure Hawaiʻi’s food systems to better empower Native Hawaiian food producers, bolster culturally relevant foods, and elevate our rural communities.
  2. Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities – Native Hawaiians are overrepresented among individuals and families experiencing intellectual/developmental disabilities. This is an area of critical need with a sheer lack of adequate services in the state. We would like to hear from individuals and families experiencing intellectual/developmental disabilities so that we can effectively identify problem areas and advocate meaningful and lasting solutions.

What is a Public Policy Framework?

A public policy framework is a set of guidelines, principles, and strategies that guide the development and implementation of laws, regulations, and actions taken by the government to address societal issues/interests.

What is the Purpose of Developing These Frameworks?

These frameworks will expand upon existing OHA policies and provide the necessary “game plan” (goals, objectives, actions plans, strategies) for effectively addressing critical issues and interest areas, while galvanizing community support.

How Will OHA Use These Frameworks?

In any way we can to advance OHA’s kuleana. OHA’s Public Policy Paia will use these frameworks as the driving force behind multiple campaigns to see these policies implemented at the federal, state, and county levels.

How Can You Participate in Framework Development?

If you’re interested in volunteering your time, energy, and knowledge to help OHA advance its kuleana on any of the above-listed campaigns, please send an email to OHA’s Public Policy Manager Zuri Aki at Mahalo nui loa.