Ka Wai Ola
The following actions were taken by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs Board of Trustees, and are summarized here. For more information on board actions, please see the complete meeting minutes posted online at https://www.oha.org/BOT.
October 25, 2018

Motion to approve Action Item BAE 18-03: 2019 OHA Legislative Package:

  • OHA-1 OHA Biennium Budget Bill Fiscal Year 2019-20/2020-21
  • OHA-2 Criteria and Prioritization of Facilities Funding for Public Charter Schools Resolution
  • OHA-3 Annual PLT Accounting
  • OHA-4 Membership on Hawai‘i State Mental Health Council
  • OHA-5 Unsecured Bail
Ahu Isa Ahuna Akana Akina Apo H. Lindsey R. Lindsey Machado Waiheʻe
ʻAe ʻAe ʻAe ʻAe ʻAe ʻAe ʻAe ʻAe ʻAe

Motion fails with four AYES, three NO votes and two EXCUSED.