Ka Wai Ola


HUKIKU / KEULUA – The ‘ohana of Moke Hukiku & Kapali Keulua have family reunion activities planned July 21-28, 2018 on O‘ahu. The ‘ohana includes the descendants of James Moses, Mary Kiko, Annie Flores, Jack Moses, Joseph Kaahanui Moses, Frank Moke, Louise Larinaga, Kalei Tisalona, & Malia Santiago, as well as those of Pio Anakolio, Lokalia Anakolio Holt, James Lawrence Holt, Kaluna Keawekane, Malia Kaneaiakala, Keola’s/Ahsing’s, & Kaahanui’s. Contact E. Kalani Flores (e-mail: Hukiku.Keulua@gmail.com / ph: 808-885-5383 Hawai‘i Island) for further information.

Kaleohano/Wentworth – To all descendants of (h) Apela married (w) Waiolae, children are: Kaiapa Apela, (h) James W. Kaleohano (w) Kekipi. Tutu Kekipi’s parents are: (h) Keawe (w) Poaimoku, whose children are: (w) Kuaana (h) Peahi Kealakai, (h) Hawila (w) Alice Wentworth, (h) Holualoa (w) Keawehaku Kaholi, (h) HolHolua (w) Keawehaku Kaonohi, (h) Apela (w) Kamela Kaula (h) Howard Hawila Kaleohano & (w) Alice Ale Wentworth, There will be a family reunion July 7 and 8, 2018, in Kailua-Kona at the Old Kona Airport. Descendants of Ella Kawailani Wentworth (Obed Naukana Kaiawe), Moses Moke Wentworth (Annie Kaapa/Ilima Uhai Hao). Alice Ale Wentworth (George K. Beck Sr.), Louisa Kekipi Kaleohano (James Kealaiki Sr.), Annie Kaleohano (Annum Y. Kealamakia), Adeline Waialoa Kaleohano (Moses Keale Sr./Joseph Kahale), Sophia Kapono Kaleohano (Daniel Huakanou Kaiawe), Smith Kaleohano (Louisa Kawale Kaupu), Howard Hawila Kaleohano (Mabel U. Kahale/Lily Kanohea), Daisy Kauwana Kaleohano (Acho Young), Mary Haulani Kaleohano (W. Kurishige/J. Valera) are all invited to this event. For registration and more info, contact Dean Kaiawe (808)987-3229, Sonya Fukushima (808) 323-3574, Christine Mendoza (808) 430-5547 or visit the Kaleohano/Wentworth family page on Facebook for updates. kaleohano.wentworth@gmail.com.

KEOHOKAPU – “KEOHOKAPU Reunion (Na Mamo O Keoua ame Kelekia Keohokapu)” Planning for our Ohana to gather in North Kohala from Aug. 9 -12, 2018. For details, questions & number attending, please call Faye @ (808)225-3666. We also want to update our family’s genealogy, so please complete your immediate family’s info & mail to PO Box 190683 Hawi, HI 96719

KUAKAHELA-KALIMAONAONA – The descendants of Kuakahela and Keaka Kalimaonaona is scheduled for July 28 and 29 2018 in Kailua-Kona at Makaeo Events Pavilion. Children: Naiheauhau, Kealohapauole, Kaunahi, Kaaihue, Kamau, Kimona (Simeona), Malia, Wahinelawaia and J. K. Kuakahela. Please come and join us to plan this 2-day event. Please contact Agnes if you have questions 808-987-1884.

LOPES – The descendants of Seraphine Lopes & Pakele Kaluahine Kahumoku “2nd Ohana Reunion” is being held on July 29 – 29, 2018 at Swanzy Beach Park, 51-489 Kamehameha Hwy., Ka‘a‘awa, O‘ahu. The reunion gathering day is Saturday, July 28, from 10a to 9p. Please join us for lunch and dinner, bring a main dish w/ dessert. ‘Ohana will have music, games, talk story and genealogy updates during the reunion. Camping is allowed on July 27 – 29, but you must obtain a C&C of Honolulu camping permit. The 13 descendants of Seraphine Lopes & Pakele Kaluahine Kahumoku are: Seraphine Jr., Louie, Tom, John (Violet Makia), Thomas (Annette Bogdanoff), Frank (Christina Bogdanoff), Eben “Nahi” (Maria Torres), Charles (Annie Ale Kaleleiki Apana), David (Hannah Higgins), Jenny (Nahi Kukui), Mary (George Schutte), Carrie (Joseph Keoki Paoa), & Girlty (George Medeiros). Musician volunteers are needed and monetary donations are welcomed. Funds will be used for picnic tables, tents, paper goods. For more information contact family representative: Ramona “Bully” DiFolco (808) 263-0121 or cell (808) 282-8921.

LOVELL-HOLOKAHI – Joseph Lovell a me Mary Mele Holokahiki Family reunion, July 12-15, 2018 Kohala Coast, Hawai‘i Island, to honor Kupuna Mele Holokahiki who was from Pololū Valley. We need your kōkua: please serve on a committee, donate, and most important – plan on attending. Fill out the questionnaire form ASAP to help our planning. There are a few rooms left at Kohala Village Inn – contact Makalapua at kaawa@hawaii.edu. Contact us at the family email: lovell.holokahiki@gmail.com or call Teri 808-494-5384.

Makuaole – To all descendants of Samuel Makuaole Opuweuweu (1852-1917) and daughters, Rebecca ‘Kapeka’ Makuaole (1883-1975) and Mary ‘Mele’ Makuaole (1884-1942), of Hakioa, Makaweli, Kaua’i; There will be a Makuaole Family Reunion on the island of Kaua’i in 2018. The Reunion dates are July 5, 6 & 7, 2018 at Lucy Wright Park in Waimea, Kaua’i. All descendants who have not yet been contacted and are interested in attending the Makuaole Family Reunion are encouraged to contact us for more information. Please submit your contact information (Name, family line, adresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses) to Makuaole2018@Gmail.com or contact Mahe (Lacro) Vegas, daughter of Annie (Apo) Lacro (808.651.1197); or Ikaika Rosa, grandson of Grace (Makuaole) Acain (206.356.3235).

Poe – ‘Ohana Poe reunion, Aug. 31 to September 3, 2018, Nanakuli Ranch. Inviting Descendants of Harry Wallace George Poe, Sr. (Poe Nui) to our reunion. Poe Nui had three wives, Nauhane Kawelo (Wife 1) Keiki – Kaimi Moo Poe and Harry Wallace George Poe, Jr. (Keoki Nui) who married Luka Pule (Spouse 1): Keiki – Uilama Poe; Elizabeth Kalauoka’ae’a (Spouse 2): Keiki – Harry George Poe (Tutu Man) married Elisa Kahumoku (Spouse 1): Keiki – Emily Poe, Jennie Palau (Spouse 2): Keiki – Solomon Poe and Emily Dung (Spouse 3): Keiki – Isaac, Kapua, Keoki, Kuhi, Kalakapu, David, Ah Ching, Harry George and Edward; Hemolele Ka’aha’aina (Spouse 3): Keiki – Emma Poe married Frederick Meyer, Jr., Annie Poe married Alana Anana, George Poe (Li‘ili‘i) married Ana Kamaka, Milia Poe married Hihilani Kapela: Keiki – Edna, Victoria, Eleanor, May, Nona and Myrtle; Kahau Kawelo (Wife 2): Keiki – George/Keoki Poe, Emma Kalipo Poe (Spouse 1) Lincoln McCandless: Keiki – Annie Kalipo Poe McCandless married Manuel Stanley Silva, Sr. (Spouse 2) Dung Sing Akana: Keiki – Albert Akana, Helen Akana, Katherine Akana and Alfred Akana; Mary Kananimauloa Poe married (Spouse 1) Albert Kauaua Kalama; (Spouse 2) Samuel Mana Kahoano. Akalapine Kupihea (Wife 3): Keiki – Daniel and James Wallace Palea Poe (Tutu Palea). Contact Adrian Silva at 216-4241 or email kaohanapoe@gmail.com.

Pua – The descendants of David Kaluahi Pua and Maria Kini are planning a family reunion on August 31 – September 2, 2018, at Punalu‘u Black Sand Beach, Ka‘u, Hawai‘i. We have secured the pavillion area for the 3 days. David and Maria had eight children, all of whom produced descendants. They were Violet (Pua) Waltjen, Caroline (Pua) Kauwe, Samuel Pua, David Pua Jr., Abigail aka Pake (Pua) Kaupu, Mary Mae aka Fat (Pua) Kaupu, Donald Pua and Eugene Pua. For more information, please contact Ala Kawaauhau at 808-345-5440 or by email at kawaauhauedward@yahoo.com. Please write “Pua Reunion” in the subject line. You may also visit the David Kaluahi Pua a me Maria Kini ‘ohana facebook page for updates.

Robins-Friedenburg – Thomas Robins/Victoria Friedenburg family gathering on July 14, 2018 from 11:00 a.m. till pau at Punalu‘u Beach park in Ka‘u, Hawai‘i. Please bring a dish to share. Join us and help make this a memorable event. Family, Food, and Fun. RSVP by June 1, 2018 or direct questions to Heidi – robinsfamily808@gmail.com. Kim – robins2friedenburg@gmail.com or 808-929-7130.

VICTOR – The descendants of Kamukai Wikoli and Amelia Akoi, collectively known as the Victor ‘Ohana, will be holding its 2018 reunion at the Nani Mau Gardens in Hilo from 17-19 August. Information and registration forms will be available online at www.victor-ohana.org or www.facebook.com/the.victor.ohana. Email dwight@victor-ohana.org with questions. Mahalo!

ZABLAN – 80th Year of the founding of our HUI O ZABLAN. The Hui O Zablan Picnic will be from 9:00am-4:00pm on Sat., 4 Aug 2018 at Magic Island, Ala Moana Park, Section 30, the mauka section closest to the street. It is a Potluck. Bring your own chairs. The Hui O Zablan Reunion T-Shirts: Deep red shirt with a gold Hawaiian shirt design, and a goldenrod yellow shirt with a red Family Crest design again features Cousin Kimo Zablan’s art work. Cousins Jimbo and Tammy Correa Beaumont are producing the shirts at a very resonable price. Shirts will be available for purchase for a reasonable price at the Picnic, Bring your kala. Call Cousin Susan Victor 988-1272, if you have any late additions to Family Album. Annual Family Reunion Luncheon will be held in the fall. Date and time to be announced. The Hui O Zablan hope to see all you Joaquin and Ane Nahaku Keaweamahi and Joaquin and Maria Bothelo descendants and our Extended Families. Come help us celebrate our 80th!


CULLEN – Looking for genealogy records for my great grandmother on my father’s side. Mary Cullen 1869-1920 married John Fernandez 1860-1939. Their daughter Madeline Fernandez Colburn. Please call or text Pauahi Colburn at 722-8400. Mahalo nui.

Estrella/Soeiro – My G-Grandparents Arsenio de Sousa Estrella & wife Carolina de Jesus Soeiro came from Ribeira Grande, Sao Miguel, Azores. They arrived on O‘ahu in 1883 on the ship “Albergeldie” with their two children Manuel & Maria.They then went to work on the plantation in North Kohala, Hawai‘i and had Joseph, Wilhelmina, John & Antone. Somehow Arsenio left the family and where is unknown. Carolina then went to Wailuku, Maui and married Christino Lorenzo (Lawrence) and one son named Frank. I have known G-Uncles John & Antone since they lived on Maui where we grew up. The only G-Uncle we did know is Joseph who lived on O‘ahu. I cannot find any information on Maria and Manuel, unless they passed away on the Albergeldie coming here. My G-Grandmother Wilhelmina married Antone Lopes and had Henry, Louis, Sonny, Peter & William then remarried my Grandfather Antone Haleakala and had: Manuel, Evelyn & Frank (my father). So this is the line I am trying to research. E-mail: annette913@yahoo.com. Mahalo.

KAIWA – Looking for descendants or related ‘Ohana Members of ‘BILL KAIWA’, aka ‘SOLOMAN ANI. Please contact ROBERTA BOLLIG 320-248-3656 or flh63kb@yahoo.com MAHALO!

KALAUPAPA – Are you looking for an ancestor at Kalaupapa? Ka ‘Ohana O Kalaupapa, a nonprofit organization made up of Kalaupapa residents, family members and friends, might be able to help. We have information on more than 7,000 people sent to Kalaupapa. Contact ‘Ohana Coordinator Valerie Monson at vmonson@
or call 808-573-2746.

KAMAKAU – Looking for descendants or related family members of Ellen P. Kamakau. Born at Kaopipa/Kaupipa, Maui on September 3, 1850. Since, deceased. Please contact 808-366-0847 or lruby@hawaii.edu.

KAMEKONA/LOA/KAHAWAI –Searching for genealogy, family members, foster or hanai records for my Great Grandmother, ROSE HIWA KAMEKONA, born June 15, 1909, 1st marriage to George Loa 1927 (one child with/Rose Loa/now Rose Lani) , 2nd marriage to Francis Kahawai 1928 – 1929 (three children with), deceased 1935. I am the grand-daughter of Rose Loa/Lani, great grand daughter to ROSE HIWA KAMEKONA. Please call/lv mess/text Luana @ #(808) 450-0103 or email lkeliikoa3@gmail.com.

KEAWE – Looking for genealogy records or family members for my grandmother Hannah Keawe born 1875 in North Kohala, HI. Married my grandfather Henry K. Iaea born 1880 in Ka‘u, HI. Married 1901 Hon. Territory of Hawai‘i birth 1896-1909. Index by name of mother Keawe Hannah, father Henry K. Iaea – child Elizabeth Kalua born 7/19/1898 in North Kohala. Please call Ned Iaea 808-979-1800 or 808-426-1061. Mahalo!

Kina/Lincoln/Bailey – We are looking for the descendants of the unions of Meleana Kaimuali‘i Kina (Moloka‘i) and George Walter Lincoln, Nellie Lihue Lincoln and Charles Anson Bailey (Maui), Nellie Lihue Bailey (Maui) and John Domingo Joyce, Pearl “Peachie” Marie K. Bailey (Maui) and West LaFortune, Meleana Wahineho‘ohano Nui (Maui/Moloka‘i) and Samuel Moewale Kaleo (brother to Charles Lui Ko‘oko‘o and Kunewa Moewale). We are planning a reunion for October 2018. Please contact us at: oct2018.reunion@gmail.com or call Phyllis @291-5826, Kanani @ 674-6679, or Moana @ 744-9901.

Kuemo (-no)/Kolaimo – Looking for descendants of Japanese drifters who came to O‘ahu in 1841, much earlier than the first Japanese immigrants came to Hawai‘i. Kuemo or Kuemono (original name is Goemon) came from Tosa, Japan and he naturalized to the Kingdom of Hawai‘i on Jan 10, 1845. He lived in Honouliuli as a farmer from 1847 and seems to married to a Hawaiian lady “Hina” on May 20, 1851 according to marriage record. I am also looking for descendants of Kolaimo, who’s original name is Toraemon of Tosa, Japan and naturalized to the Kingdom of Hawai‘i on Feb 13, 1847. He worked as a carpenter under Mr. Heart, married to a Hawaiian lady and died in O‘ahu. Please contact Harry (808) 777-9187 or harryporterkiawe@gmail.com Mahalo!

KEKUKU APUAKEHAU – Looking for lineage from Joseph Kekukupena Apuakehau, 1857-1936, and Miliama “Miriam” Kaopua, 1857-1919, to Kalaimanokaho‘owaha also known as Kana‘ina nui (Big Island Ali‘i), circa 1778, to Alapa‘i Nui (Big Island King, 1725-1754). Any and all information will be greatly appreciate. Mahalo! Please send email to Miriam: matar02@Hawaiiantel.net.

KINA-LINCOLN-BAILEY-JOYCE-LAFORTUNE-NUI-KALEO – We are looking for the descendants of the unions of Meleana Kaimuali‘i Kina (Moloka‘i) and George Walter Lincoln, Nellie Lihue Lincoln and Charles Anson Bailey (Maui), Nellie Lihue Bailey (Maui) and John Domingo Joyce, Pearl “Peachie” Marie K. Bailey (Maui) and West LaFortune, Meleana Wahineho‘ohano Nui (Maui/Moloka‘i) and Samuel Moewale Kaleo (brother to Charles Lui Ko‘oko‘o and Kunewa Moewale). We are planning a reunion for Oct 2018. Please contact us at: oct2018.reunion@gmail.com or call Phyllis @ 291-5826, Kanani @ 674-6679, or Moana @ 744-9901. NALAUAI – Looking for genealogical information on Kamala Kali Nalauai (possibly Naluai?) b.abt.1870 (I have no other information at this time on Kamala) who married Lui Kapi‘ioho b. abt.1854 or 1864. They had 6 known children together. Lui Kapi‘ioho is the brother of Hika‘alani Kapi‘ioho b. Aug.1858, twins Kou & Kamai Kapi‘ioho b. Nov. 8,1861, ALL said children of Maunalei (w) & Kapi‘ioho (k) who were married 1847 in Ewa, O‘ahu. Seeking more information on Kapi‘ioho ‘Ohana as well. Please contact Mapuana – usinewa@ gmail.com.

MAIELUA – We are hoping to update the 1995 genealogy book of the Maielua Ohana, originating out of Lahaina, Maui. Our common ancestors are Solomon Nukuhiwa Maielua and Koana Kenolio Nehemia (or Nehemia Kenolio). Please contact J. Maielua by email at: Lahaina.mai@gmail.com.

WAIOLAMA – Searching for family members and genealogical records of George (‘Ainaahiahi/Kaaniaahiahi) Waiolama born about June 5, 1892 in Kahakuloa, Maui. Mother: Kawao Kaainaahiahi Kahakuloa, Maui. Father: (George Sr.) Waiolama of Wailuku, Maui. George Jr. is a half brother of my grandmother Elizabeth “Lizzie” Leialoha Cook. Also, family members of Waiolama on O‘ahu, Helemano area, who was a brother in law of 3x great uncle Konohiki Namahana (Mahoe) (if this is the one and same Waiolama family?). Please contact Sissy Akui at kealohamaiole@gmail.com. Mahalo!