Update for Kalima v. DHHL Class Action


By Thomas Grande, Esq. and Carl Varady, Esq.

Claim Corrections

The deadline to submit claim corrections or opt out of the lawsuit was April 3, 2023. The Claims Administrator and Class Counsel are reviewing all of the requested corrections with the records available so that the start and end date information are as accurate as possible. The start and end dates will be used to determine the amount of settlement payment. Notification will be sent confirming the changes made.

June 2023 Notice

Class Members will receive the next written notice in June 2023 that will state the minimum amount of settlement payment for each class member.

Waiting list claims will be calculated using the Fair Market Rental Value formula approved by the Supreme Court for this case. Fair Market Rental Value measures what a Class Member would have to pay to rent a comparable lot (residential, agricultural, or pastoral) with infrastructure on the open market for the time period between when they applied for a homestead and received an award, or the date of settlement (4/14/2022) or the date of the Class Member’s death.

Construction claims will be determined by evaluating the reasonable repair costs at the time the repairs were needed.

For Relatives of Deceased Class Members

Relatives of deceased Class Members should complete an Information Request Form that is available on www.kalima-lawsuit.com. The Probate Special Master and Probate Special Counsel need updated information about potential heirs, which include the spouses and children of the deceased class member.

Probate Plan

The Probate Special Master and Probate Special Counsel have been drafting a Probate Plan that will be presented to the circuit and probate courts in June. Look for more information in the June 2023 mailing. Family members do not need to retain a private probate attorney and can choose to proceed through probate under the Probate Plan to receive payment.

Family members who want to retain a private probate attorney may contact the Hawai’i State Bar Association Lawyer Referral and Information Services at (808) 537-9140 or LRIS@hsba.org and let them know that this is for the “Kalima” case. Please note that this is not an endorsement of any services or attorneys.

Thank you for your continued patience and kōkua.