Notice Corrections and Probate Information for Kalima v. DHHL


By Thomas Grande, Esq. and Carl Varady, Esq.

Notice Corrections

Now that this landmark class action case has settled, the next phases are to provide notice of claims and to disburse the settlement funds. The Second Notices were mailed in January to all class members telling them whether they have claims and, if they do, the types and dates of claims.

The claim review process is ongoing. Corrective notices are being sent in every case where corrections are necessary, based on continuing file review and information provided by class members. Corrective notices were mailed mid-March. Final notices will be mailed in June.

Probate Information

Over 1,000 Class Members now are deceased. Their settlement funds will be distributed to their heirs or their devisees.

The Court has appointed a Special Probate Master, who currently is working with Class Counsel to establish a Probate Plan to ensure that the deceased Class Members’ payments are distributed to the rightful people.

Deceased Class Members’ families may choose to hire their own private lawyers to assist them. The Claims Administrator has a list of private attorneys licensed in the State of Hawai‘i who can be retained to assist with these private cases. To obtain this list, please visit or contact Epiq at or call 1-808-650-5551 or 1-833-639-1308 (Toll-Free).

Families who choose not to retain private counsel will be included in the Special Probate Administration. This process will provide probate assistance and distribute claims to Estates and families who choose not to hire private attorneys.

Information Request Forms

Relatives of deceased Class Members should complete the Information Request Form that was sent to the Class Member’s last known address and also is found on the Kalima website at The more information you provide, the easier it will be to complete this final distribution process. Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation.