Kalima Lawsuit Settlement Update


By Thomas Grande, Esq. and Carl Varady, Esq.

Settlement Payments to Living Class Members

Settlement checks have now been mailed to approximately 1,300 living Class Members. Settlement checks must be cashed within 120 days after issuance. In most cases, the checks must be cashed by March 20, 2024. Please cash your check by that date.

A small number of checks have been returned as undeliverable. If you are a Class Member and have not received your check, please contact the Claims Administrator using the contact information below.

Settlement Payments to Deceased Class Members’ Heirs

The “Probate Plan” for Deceased Class Members has begun. Probate Special Counsel Scott Suzuki has filed and will be filing Petitions in Probate Court to seek approval for payments to those entitled to the settlement funds of Deceased Class Members. Please read the Legal Notices in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser (and also available on the kalima-lawsuit.com website) for the information on hearing dates and parties involved in each petition.

This process is expected to take about two years to complete. Estates of Deceased Class Members with the most accurate and complete information about possible heirs will be processed first. Those with incomplete information will take longer.

A notice about the Probate Plan was mailed out by the Claims Administrator on Dec. 4, 2023, and contains detailed information about how the Probate Plan will work. Relatives of Deceased Class Members who have not already done so, should submit a Deceased Class Member Information Form and Family Information Form. Both can be found at the Kalima website www.kalima-lawsuit.com. It is critical that these forms be completed and submitted to the Claims Administrator to facilitate prompt distributions.

Family members can find more information about how Deceased Class Members’ claims will be handled on www.kalima-lawsuit.com.

Please contact the Claims Administrator at info@kalima-lawsuit.com or at 1-808-650-5551 or 1-833-639-1308 (Toll-Free) if you have questions. If you are available at limited times, please include that information in your message. Mahalo!