As King Kamehameha I Commanded…


Photo: Napali Woode

By Napali Woode

The ingenuity, resourcefulness and grit of the Hawaiian people is well-known – perhaps, no more so personified, than in the works of King Kamehamehama I.

As we honor the king this month, we reflect on his leadership with a renewed sense of purpose. It is the mission of the Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce (NHCC) to mālama Native Hawaiians in business and commerce through leadership, relationships, and connections to economic resources and opportunities.

The Chamber strives to achieve its mission by providing opportunities for members to meet and network, providing marketing and exposure opportunities for members, and by providing training and resource opportunities in areas that will help Native Hawaiian businesses grow. As our kūpuna have for generations, we continue our kuleana to them, to our aliʻi and to the lāhui: E Ola ka Inoa ʻo Kamehameha!

As an organization focused on the success of Native Hawaiian businesses, and understanding the need for networking, resources, and training, the Chamber also understands that businesses need revenue to grow.

With that understanding, we make a concerted effort to utilize Native Hawaiian businesses in the work we do for our members. Over the past 12 months, we have hired the services of a number of Native Hawaiian businesses:

  • Bubbly & Bleu: Cheryl DeAngelo provided training on how to make charcuterie boards, as well as providing all the items for the boards
  • Tastes of Aloha provided coffee and snack items for our Coffee Chat with members
  • Kaiwiʻula Strategies: Jacob Aki assisted with tracking key legislation at the State Legislature
  • Hana Koa Brewing Co.: Josh Kopp provides a great location for our member networking events
  • Hui Mālama Tax and Consulting LLC: Abel Soares prepares our annual tax return
  • Naupaka Services: Dayna Wong provides the Chamber with administrative support services
  • Ian Custino provides the Chamber with programming support services

“In utilizing the services of Native Hawaiian-owned businesses, the Chamber has direct experience with Native Hawaiian businesses and consultants and can reaffirm what all Native Hawaiian-owned businesses already know…that Native Hawaiians are highly qualified and accomplished business owners and entrepreneurs,” said Shannon Edie, NHCC President.

NHCC will continue to promote the interests of Native Hawaiian businesses and support them with programming that meets their needs. We remain committed to walk-the-talk and to continue supporting Native Hawaiian businesses by hiring them when we need high-quality products and services.

Before his passing, King Kamehameha I commanded his people to continue the work he started. As kānaka, we each have kuleana in fulfilling his command. Our kuleana is Native Hawaiian businesses. If our work speaks to you, join us and help us honor our kuleana!

Napali Woode is the treasurer for the Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce. He is a realtor with Keller Williams Honolulu and operates his own accounting and financial consulting business. He can be reached at or 808-551-0651.

For more information about the Native Hawaiian Chamber of Commerce or a listing of our Native Hawaiian business members, visit our website at