Hakuone – Our Hawaiian Economic Engine


Photo: Kaleihikina Akaka

Fulfilling Kakaʻako Makai’s Potential

This year, bills have been introduced by the Senate’s Hawaiian Caucus (SB736) and by Rep. Daniel Holt (HB270) to repeal the restriction that prevents OHA from building housing at Hakuone, our 30 acres of land in Kakaʻako Makai. The passing of this legislation would activate the full potential of our Hakuone lands by creating an economic engine to provide much-needed housing for Native Hawaiians and local residents, and to provide funding for our people through grants, scholarships, loans, financial workshops and more.

By law, the State of Hawaiʻi is required to pay OHA 20% of revenues from ceded, former crown and government lands, also known as the Public Land Trust. In 2012, as payment by the State of Hawaiʻi to settle constitutional claims for underpayments of $200 million, OHA received these lands in Kakaʻako Makai.

OHA’s goal is to build housing and create a cultural gathering place with Hawaiian-owned businesses; an oasis for the Hawaiian community in urban Honolulu – a Hawaiian sense of place to live, work and play, to further our mission for the betterment of the conditions of Native Hawaiian people.

To put it simply, OHA received lands that it cannot build housing on. Without the residential entitlement, these lands are not worth their appraised value of $200 million. This is a collaborative effort to work hand in hand, as this takes OHA, the community, the state and so forth to fulfill its full potential.

Native Hawaiians are entitled, by law, to determine how best to shape our cultural, social and economic wellbeing and to ensure the health and prosperity of our people through optimum and pono use of lands that belong to us. We continue moving fervently forward for what our people deserve and we humbly ask for your kōkua to continue our momentum with a call to action to reach out to your ʻohana, friends and networks to share about this and contact legislators with your voice of support, with aloha, on the residential repeal for Hakuone.

Mahalo nui to all who have expressed support, including community members who attended OHA’s town hall meetings, contributing invigorating conversation for the development of Hakuone. When we’re further able to uplift our Native Hawaiian Community, all of Hawaiʻi benefits.

We welcome you to join us and learn more at Hakuone.com!