Remy Kapua ʻOkamakahala Akana Keliihoomalu


Photo: Remy Keliihoomalu

Operations Support Coordinator

Operations Department
5 months at OHA


  • Oʻahu (mokupuni)
  • Koʻolaupoko (moku)
  • Waimānalo (ahupuaʻa)

  • Kailua High School
  • Some college

What is your kuleana at OHA?

I serve our lāhui by providing administrative support to the executive office (the CEO, COO and other leaders) as well as to all other OHA staff. I am part of an amazing team that provides a wide range of support services. I process payments, assist in coordinating and setting up for events, help with staff travel arrangements and much more. Being able to provide these services within OHA helps our staff better serve our Native Hawaiian community.

Why did you choose to work at OHA?

I felt this was my calling. Volunteering in my Native Hawaiian community in Waimānalo for over 10 years, I have always wanted to serve more Native Hawaiian communities. Working at OHA gives me an opportunity to do just that.

What is the best thing about working at OHA?

The best thing is the people that I get to work with. Being able to share a common interest, mission and vision to align with is just an amazing feeling. Being able to learn about all the benefits that OHA provides to our people is unbelievable.

What is something interesting for people to know about you?

I was adopted by my grandmother. My mother and father were very young when they had me and chose different paths in life that did not include me or any of my siblings. I was put into the CPS system because of those choices. Growing up with no parent figures was rough. Overcoming that feeling, and becoming the parent that I am today, is everything to me.

Another thing is that I hope to one day complete my college degree in public administration.

Who has been your role model?

My grandmother, my mama, Moana Akana, is my role model. She was an educated Native Hawaiian woman who taught me values and unconditional love. She is the reason why I fell in love with serving my Native Hawaiian community in Waimānalo. She taught me to be a leader and to serve with a purpose.

What is your best OHA memory?

My most memorable moment so far was posing for the cover of Ka Wai Ola newspaper. My expression was very serious and that made it memorable for me. I am very new to OHA, so to be a part of this was an honor.