Lehua J. (Sanoria) Itokazu


Board Secretary

Board of Trustees
10 years at OHA


  • Moku o Keawe (mokupuni)
  • Puna (moku)
  • Keonepoko (ahupuaʻa)

  • Pāhoa High High School
  • University of Hawaiʻi – Hilo

What is your kuleana at OHA?

I serve the lāhui behind the scenes. Some of my kuleana at work includes scheduling and coordinating regular Board of Trustee meetings and meetings with our community. I record meetings and take minutes. I like to tell myself that these small acts of kuleana are helping to preserve history and can be used as a reference point in the future.

Why did you choose to work at OHA?

I started my adventure with OHA when Trustee Hulu Lindsey offered me an opportunity to join her staff. It was soon after that I realized the magnitude of kuleana OHA has for its beneficiaries. I am thankful to have the opportunity to have resources available to share with others and humbled to serve our lāhui.

What is the best thing about working at OHA?

The best thing about working at OHA has definitely been the people I have worked with and met in our community. They are the individuals who advocate and champion for our lāhui daily.

What is something interesting for people to know about you?

Something interesting that people may not know about me is that I have traveled to over 33 countries and have volunteered to work on flights that assisted refugees out of Lebanon.

Another thing is that I hope to one day complete my college degree in public administration.

Who has been your role model?

My parents are my role models. Throughout my life they have exemplified that working hard is the only option, taking care of your kuleana is expected, and following through on your word is one of the most important qualities to have. I am thankful for the home they provided for me that was always filled with love.

What is your best OHA memory?

Too many memories to mention but just a few that stand out are the funny skits that our different paia (departments) would perform during our holiday gatherings, our rallies at the capitol, and the Board staff serenading our offices on May Day.