OHA Board Actions: October 2019


The following actions were taken by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs Board of Trustees, and are summarized here. For more information on board actions, please see the complete meeting minutes posted online at https://www.oha.org/BOT.

July 25, 2019

Motion to move to approve :

Trustee Carmen Hulu Lindsey moves that the Maunakea Ad Hoc Committee approves and recommends that the Board of Trustees approve Action Item BOT #19-11, a Board resolution that implores the governor to take material steps to eliminate the high potential for physical harm to OHA’s beneficiaries; expresses its kaumaha over the arrest of Native Hawaiian kūpuna; opposes use of unwarranted force and calls upon the Governor to rescind his Emergency Proclamation; and expressly authorizing OHA Administration to take action to advocate for the rights, safety, and well-being of beneficiaries engaging in peaceful protest of the decades long mismanagement of Maunakea, perpetuating Native Hawaiian traditional and customary practices, and exercising their rights to freedom of speech and assembly, as amended.

Trustee John Waiheʻe IV seconds the motion.

Motion passes with nine AYES.

Ahu Isa Ahuna Akana Akina Lee H. Lindsey R. Lindsey Machado Waiheʻe
ʻAe ʻAe ʻAe ʻAe ʻAe ʻAe ʻAe ʻAe ʻAe