Public Notice | April 2021


Conservation district use application: PUNA district, island of Hawaiʻi

ASM Affiliates is conducting consultation for a Conservation District Use Application (CDUA) being prepared for the proposed development of a single-family dwelling on a 0.459-acre parcel in Waʻawaʻa Ahupuaʻa, Puna District, Island of Hawaiʻi. We are seeking consultation with any community members who may have knowledge of traditional cultural uses of the proposed project area; or who are involved in any ongoing cultural practices in the general vicinity of the subject property that may be impacted by the proposed project. If you have and can share any such information, please contact Lokelani Brandt, phone (808) 969-6066, mailing address ASM Affiliates 507A E. Lanikaula Street, Hilo, HI 96720.

Cultural impact assessment: kailua-kona, north kona district, island of Hawaiʻi

Information requested by Scientific Consultant Services, Inc. of cultural resources or ongoing cultural practices within Kahalui 1st and 2nd Ahupuaʻa, Kailua-Kona, North Kona District, Island of Hawaiʻi, TMK: (3) 7-5-019:020. Please respond within 30 days to Glenn Escott at (808) 938-0968.

Cultural impact assessment: PORT ALLEN, Kauaʻi

Scientific Consultant Services, Inc. (SCS) is seeking information about cultural resources and traditional, previously or on-going, cultural activities within or near the proposed Port Allen Kauaʻi (PAK) Security Fence Replacement Project. The Port Allen Airport is located on the south shore of Kauaʻi approximately one mile southwest of Hanapēpē town. The Hanapēpē Salt Ponds (State Inventory of Historic Properties Site # 50-30-09-00049) and Salt Pond Beach Park are approximately 200 feet northwest of the Airport. Immediately west of the Airport is a small beach extension of Salt Pond Beach Park. Puʻolo Point is approximately one quarter of a mile south of the Airport. The project area is located in Hanapēpē Ahupuaʻa, Waimea (Kona) District, Island of Kauaʻi [TMK: (4) 1-8-008:004 por.]. The project is proposed by the Department of Transportation, Airport Division. The proposed action consists of the replacement of the existing chain-link security fence at Port Allen Airport with a fence of similar size, height (approximately 4 feet), and in the same footprint. The existing security fence has deteriorated and must be replaced to comply with security requirements set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration. The project is seeking a Special Management Area Permit from the County. If you have information to share, please respond within 30 days to Cathleen Dagher, Senior Archaeologist, at (808) 597-1182, or via email (

Environmental impact assessment: Wahiawā, Oʻahu

The State of Hawaiʻi Department of Accounting and General Services (DAGS) is in the beginning stages of the preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Wahiawā Civic Center. The EIS is being prepared in accordance with Hawaiʻi Revised Statutes Chapter 343, and Hawaiʻi Administrative Rules Chapter 11-200.1. The project area is comprised of Tax Map Keys [1] 7-4-006:012; [1] 7-4-004:001 and [1] 7-4-004:071 in Wahiawā on the Island of Oʻahu. A Cultural Impact Assessment (CIA) will be prepared as part of the EIS. The CIA team is seeking consultation with practitioners, Native Hawaiian Organizations, stakeholders, and other individuals. Specifically, consultation is sought on historic or existing cultural resources that may be impacted by the proposed project, historic or existing traditional practices and/or beliefs that may be impacted by the proposed project, and/or identification of individuals or organizations that should be sought out for consultation on the CIA. Individuals or organizations may contact the CIA team at or (808) 392-1617. Additional information about the project is available on the project website at

Environmental impact assessment: Waiāhole Valley in koʻolaupoko, Oʻahu

Townscape, Inc. is preparing an Environmental Assessment (EA) for a proposed single-family residence in Waiāhole Valley in Koʻolaupoko, Oʻahu. The property consists of two parcels: Tax Map Key (TMK) 4-8-014:005 is the mauka parcel containing 1,117 acres, and TMK 4-8-006:001 is the makai parcel containing 327 acres. The proposed residence is located on the makai parcel of the property, which is in the State Conservation District, Resource subzone. The proposed residence includes a single-family dwelling, a driveway for vehicular access from Waiāhole Valley North Bend Road, and some general site improvements in vicinity of the house site. A Cultural Impact Assessment (CIA) will be prepared as a part of the EA. Townscape, Inc. is seeking consultation with practitioners, Native Hawaiian organizations, stakeholders and other individuals willing to provide information or comment on cultural resources in the vicinity of the proposed project area. Please respond within 30 days to Lillie Makaila, Planner, at (808) 550-3893 or via email at