Photo: Marie McDonald receives an award for lei making and kapa making
Marie McDonald was honored for lei making and kapa making at the first OHA Nā Mamo Makamae o Ka Po‘e Hawai‘i: Living Treasures of the Hawaiian People ceremony in 2017. The program brings the lāhui together to honor and celebrate master practitioners and knowledge keepers.- Photo: Blaine Fergerstrom

The Office of Hawaiian Affairs is accepting nominations for Nā Mamo Makamae o ka Po‘e Hawai‘i, the agency’s second annual Living Treasures of the Hawaiian People program.

The program recognizes individuals and groups in Hawai‘i and on the continent who have contributed to the preservation and perpetuation of Hawaiian cultural and artistic traditions and properties. It also honors cultural treasures who have labored for years to master traditional practices, inspiring present and future generations to ensure their continuation.

In the spirit of Ho‘oulu Lāhui Aloha, the selection committee encourages the community to participate in nominating and framing Nā Mamo Makamae o ka Po‘e Hawai‘i.

Nominees should exemplify OHA’s core values and guiding principles:

  • Po‘okela: Individual or group has attained a high level of mastery in the Hawaiian culture and arts.
  • Ho‘omau: Individual or group demonstrated and continues to demonstrate growth and learning and teaching in the area of mastery.
  • Kūlia: The contribution of the artist a) inspires lāhui and b) takes and spreads mana Hawai‘i throughout Hawai‘i and beyond (e.g. through publications and DVDs).
  • Mālama kekahi i kekahi: Artist’s works are made relevant to the times and environment. Relatedness and relationships are built.
  • Mo‘okū‘auhau: Individual has earned seniority and rank.

Nā Mamo Makamae o ka Po‘e Hawai‘i will take place on June 11, Kamehameha Day. Nominations can be made online at by April 15. For more information, email OHA’s cultural specialist Kalani Akana at