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Puni Lipe Haʻi Manaʻo 2

Dr. Kaiwipunikauikawēkiu Lipe with her keiki "masked up" on a visit to the Honolulu Zoo. Vigilant mask-wearing is one of their ʻohana strategies for staying safe and healthy during the pandemic. Photo Courtesy.


The sun rises over Mokumanamana, 155 miles northwest of Nīhoa island. Mai Ka Pō Mai provides Native Hawaiian voices equal footing with federal and state entities in a management structure that will help ensure successful stewardship of all the resources within Papahānaumokuākea. Photo – Brad Kaʻaleleo Wong


The evening sun sets behind the Wai‘anae mountains streaming golden light to Kūkaniloko. OHA's plans to manage this sacred wahi kūpuna and the surrounding 511 acres of land, were developed in collaboration with the Wahiawā community and other cultural experts. - Photo: Jason Matias | www.JasonMatias.com | IG @realjasonmatias