Hoʻohui ʻOhana | Family Reunions: August 2020

E nā ʻohana Hawaiʻi: If you are planning a reunion or looking for genealogical information, Ka Wai Ola will print your listing at no charge on a space-available basis. Listings should not exceed 200 words. OHA reserves the right to edit all submissions for length. Send your information by mail, or e-mail kwo@OHA.org. E ola nā mamo a Hāloa!


  • Dole– The descendants of William Patrick Dole and Emily Keli’iahonui Kekoa Dole are planning a family reunion on Saturday August 8, 2020 at the Waimānalo Beach Park, Oʻahu, Hawaiʻi. William Dole and Emily K. Dole had 10 children, most of whom have produced descendants who are the next generation of cousins. Their children are named, Emily Kaʻauwai, Henry Dole, Billy Dole, Simeon Dole, Henrietta Carter, Muriel Duvachelle, Benjamin Dole, Richard Dole Kaai, Eleanor Ka-Ne, and Loretta Kwock. The organizers encourage all family descendants to attend and be a part of this family reunion and celebration. The morning will begin with a prayer of blessings as we celebrate the 126th birthday of our tutu Emily K. Dole. There will be talk story sessions, a Paʻina Hawaiian Luncheon, family entertainment, games, and in the afternoon family genealogy workshops. Camping will be allowed by permit. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get to meet cousins that you have not met. For more information, please contact: Camie Apau 808-852-9880, Holly Kwock Kaleohano 808-348-0077, Peewee Ka-Ne 808-990-5242.
  • Kuakahela/Kalimaonaona – Descendants of Kuakahela and Keaka Kalimaonaona. Children: Naiheauhau, Kaaihue, Kealohapauole, Kamau, Kaunahi, Kimona, Wahinelawaia and Keau. Family Reunion that was scheduled for the 25 and 26th of July 2020 was postponed indefinitely due to the coronavirus pandemic. Our family reunion is scheduled every two years since year 1980. Look forward to year 2022. Contact Agnes at 808-987-1884 of President, Apo Aquino. Or on Facebook (Kuakahela Ohana).


  • Chartrand – Aloha John Francis Carson Chartrand is my Grandfather on my mother’s side. He came to Hawaiʻi in the 20s with the Calvary. He married four Hawaiian women in his life and had many children. Mary Keahi Kaohu, Edith Kapule Kalawaia, Margaret Keanalani Claesene and Helen Brown. My mother Isabelle Leinaʻala Chartrand Kainoa and brother Harold Kalawaia Chartrand had eleven half siblings. In honor of all the Chartrand ʻOhana that have passed on, to meet Grandpa Chartrand. We want to plan a reunion. We need everyone to kokua with your current contact info to cousin Cami Chartrand 446-5098 email Chartrandreunion2020@gmail.com or John Kainoa 244-8428, johnkainoa61@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you. Mahalo John.
  • Gramberg – Searching for the descendants or any related ʻohana of Herman Gramberg and Rose Anakalea. Children of Herman and Rose are Herman “Waha”, Theresa, George, Vivian, Henry “Heine”, Darilynn, and Rosebud. Looking to update genealogical information. Please email gramberg
    ohana1@gmail.com. Any inforomation shared is greatly appreciated. Mahalo!
  • Harbottle – I am looking for information on my great-great grandmother. Her name is Talaimanomateata or Kuaʻanalewa, she was Tahitian and married to or had a child with George Nahalelaau Harbottle. Born in 1815 on Oʻahu and son of John Harbottle of England and Papapaunauapu daughter of Haninimakaohilani and Kauhiaimokuakama. I know from Edward Hulihee Harbottle’s (my great grandfather) Guardianship court case that when his father George died his mother was on Maui and the case was stopped until she could be in court. When she appeared in court she said it was fine if Edward H. Boyd became his guardian. There are family stories that she had come from an aliʻi family of Tahiti and was in Hawaiʻi as a ward of the court. I have not been able to substantiate this information. If anyone in the family knows where I might look it would be wonderful to know. Please contact me at waiakaphillips@yahoo.com or call 808-936-3946. Mahalo, Noelani Willing Phillips.
  • Hussey – The Hussey family (Alexander & Kaaikaula Makanoe) is updating its genealogy book. Please go to husseyohana.org for more information.
  • Kaiwa – Looking for descendants or related ʻOhana Members of ʻBILL KAIWA’, aka ʻSOLOMAN ANI. Please contact ROBERTA BOLLIG 320-248-3656 or flh63kb@yahoo.com MAHALO!
  • Kamila/Cazimero – We are updating our Kamila and Manuel Family Tree and planning our next Family Reunion. Please check out our Facebook page; Hui ʻo Manuel a me Kamila Reunion or email Kamila.ManuelCazimeroFR2021@gmail.com. You can also contact Stacy Hanohano at (808) 520-4212 for more information.
  • Keanu – Would like to locate genealogical information for my deceased paternal grandmother named Josephine Keanu born either in Kaʻu or Kaohe (Big Island) on 8/12/1912 or 1911. Supposedly, her birth record was destroyed during a fire at St. Benedict Church in Honaunau. I was told this church kept birth records of nearby families during that period. I would greatly appreciate any kokua in locating her ʻohana and details of her birth. Please contact ssylva4@hotmail.com.
  • Kauka – Looking for descendants or related ʻohana members of Deborah Chan Loy (DOB: about 1885). Please contact Glenn Ventura at gdventura44@gmail.com. Mainly trying to locate sisters of my mother Irene Loy (DOB: 1914) Married John Ventura of Kihei. Sisters: Lillian, Saddie (Sadie), Warma (Velma) and Agnes Kauka.
  • Makua – Looking for descendants or related ʻohana members of Henry K. Makua (year of birth: 1907, Honolulu) Father: Joseph K. Makua, Mother: Mary Aukai, Sisters: Malia and Mele, Sons: Henery and Donald Makua. Joseph and Mary may have orginated from Kauaʻi. Looking for genealogical information. Please contact –
    emakua.makua@gmail.com. Mahalo!
  • McCorriston – We are updating the McCorriston family tree! Descendants of Daniel McCorriston and Annie Nelson/Anna McColgan, Hugh McCorriston and Margaret Louise Gorman, Edward McCorriston and Mauoni, and Daniel McCorriston and Jane Johnson, please forward your family information to Lynn Kanani Daue at editor@themccorristonsofmolokai.org. We also welcome updates from the descendants of McCorriston cousin John McColgan and his wife Kalaʻiolele Kamanoulu and Samuel Hudson Foster and Margaret Louise Gorman.
  • Steward – Looking for descendants or ʻohana of James and Mea-alani Steward of Kahaluʻu, Oʻahu. Please contact William Steward: wsteward52@yahoo.com if you are interested in a family reunion.
  • Titcomb – For all descendants of Charles Titcomb and Kanikele – it’s time to update the family information for another family reunion. Anyone that would be interested to be on the planning committee, contact: K. Nani Kawaa at titcombfamilyreunion@gmail.com.
  • Yong/Kukahiko – Kalei Keahi / Ah Foon Yong and John Mahele Kukahiko / Daisy Nahaku Up dating genealogy information on these 2 ohana. Please send to Janelle Kanekoa ( granddaughter of Samuel Apo Young/ Yong and Daisybelle Kukahiko) email me @ nehaukanekoa@gmail.com. Please list on top right which ohana you belong to. Yong or Kukahiko.