A Process for Lahaina to Recover and Thrive


By Guyton Galdeira

My ancestors called Lahaina home for generations, and I had the pleasure of calling Lahaina home from 2017-2020. I am honored that I had the opportunity to connect with Lahaina’s beautiful people, the landscape, and the mana.

Some say, “have a strong mindset” and it will get you through any challenge or achieve a goal. To me, it’s bigger than mindset. I’d like you to consider the concept of “MEBSet.” MEBSet refers to your state of being (Mind, Emotions, Body, Spirit). To understand this, you must first accept the truth that you will always have a challenge no matter your circumstances.

How does your MEBSet serve you?

By resolving challenges effectively. Your MEBSet will give you an outside-in perspective and allow you to: remain calm, see solutions, and spot opportunities.

By finding joy in your struggle. Have you worked out and loved the pain? Have you gone through a situation and told yourself, “I am never doing this again,” only to find yourself signing up to do it a year later? The benefits you receive as a result of the struggle is so meaningful that the pain and process is appreciated more and dreaded less.

By transcending people, place, and time. An individual, a family, a group, a community, a state, a country, even the world has a MEBSet. As the Lahaina Community works together to recover what was lost, engaging the community’s MEBSet can facilitate efficient prosperity.

How does MEBSet apply to the Lahaina Community?

(M) Mind: What is your current collective community mindset? Awareness of your thoughts will allow you to shift from a pessimistic to an optimistic mentality. Most can agree that an optimistic outlook will help move you in a hopeful direction.

(E) Emotions: How are you feeling currently as a community? Emotions can overpower mindset. You know what should be done but find that you allow your emotions to get the best of you. This effect is multiplied as a community. Awareness of this allows you to shift negative emotions into positive ones which help produce desired results.

(B) Body: What is the overall physical health of your community? Physical health directly affects emotional and mental strength. The better physical shape you are in, the better your mood. The better your mood, the better your mentality. It is the same for an entire community. A community with strong physical bodies has more energy to overcome challenges and achieve results.

(S) Spirit: What is the community doing with the unknown and uncontrollable? There are three truths: there will always be unknown and uncontrollable events; there is a larger entity at play that continues to create all things; scientifically, energy can never be created or destroyed.

Relying on something greater than ourselves allows us relief and space to focus on what we can control to solve any problem and create the experience and meaning we associate with it. Once we have a unified MEBSet, we can address any challenge our community faces and thrive forever.

Guyton Galdeira can be reached at info@meaningfulholdings.com.