David L. (Duke) Bourgoin


Photo: Duke Bourgoin

  • Age | did not answer
  • Occupation | Business Consultant, and Small Business Owner
  • Where did you grow up | New Jersey
  • Schooling | UH, UCLA, USD, St, Peters
  • Current residence | Mānoa, Oʻahu
  • Website | www.duke4gov.com
  1. Home prices in Hawaiʻi are beyond the reach of local residents. Federal and state subsidies can assist with building, selling, and renting housing at an affordable price. My Saddle Road Hawaiian Project envisions half-acre lots with agriculture common ground, offered with reduced government building laws to allow a more simple and affordable home, and with possible Army assistance with engineering and some construction. duke4gov.com further discusses housing with greenverdefarms.com ideas for group housing and organic agriculture.
  2. A diversified economy is part of my MAKE HAWAIʻI SAFE platform where tourism declines naturally, while govt/bus promotes import substitution developing local businesses using local labor, for agriculture and its product enhancement, energy through solar receptor development, production and use, and other products as bicycles, natural cleaning products, natural farm and lawn enhancers, and coordination of youth with government and corporate participants with tech development and deployment.
  3. Hawaiian language immersion should be reinforced in our public schools by funding more schools and teachers to offer this education. Further, to significantly increase the number of public schools offering Hawaiian we can offer an area collaboration program where students interested in Hawaiian language can join together for learning, teaching, practical use, application, with an extended Hawaiian cultural community for support and emergence.

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