‘Ōiwi Experts Discuss the Future for our ‘Āina and Economy

Envisioning a New Normal

Lions lounging on a road in a South African park. Mountain goats roaming the streets of a small town in Wales. Sea lions sitting on a sidewalk in Argentina. Jackals frequenting a city park in Israel. By now most of us have seen fascinating images of wildlife wandering into human spaces as people worldwide have been in lockdowns to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. In some cases, the changes have been remarkable. The Himalayas are now visible from India for the first time in three decades. And there are blue skies in cities like Los Angeles and Beijing, both infamous for toxic levels of air pollution.

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Revisiting Tourism

They say that there’s opportunity in every crisis, and the deeper the crisis, the better the opportunity. Opportunity is knocking.

By far Hawaiʻi’s largest industry, tourism is the engine that drives Hawaiʻi’s economy. When that engine breaks down, that’s a pretty major crisis.

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