Memories of Miloliʻi


Photo: Maiya Magaoay

By Maiya Magaoay, Grade 8, Waimea Middle Public Conversion Charter School

Aloha. ʻO Maiya Hulaliokahokuaumaikuiholi Magaoay a ʻo Miloliʻi koʻu kahua paʻa.

Miloliʻi is a wonderful place. Miloliʻi is known as the last fishing village. I would like to share my relationship with Miloliʻi with you.

Miloliʻi is where my mom and her siblings were raised. And although I didn’t grow up there, we visit a lot. It’s one of my favorite places in the world.

Miloliʻi feels like home. When I’m there I’m happy and comfortable and it is never short on fun. Sometimes we don’t visit for long periods of time, but when we do go back it’s like I never left. Some of the best memories I have of the area are of us (cousins, friends, siblings) diving, fishing, camping, jumping off the high tower, and of course, playing ragtag.

The wharf is the landmark. The high tower is where you can jump off and have so much fun. If you have little siblings and relatives, I recommend them to go to the low tower. If it is low tide do not jump straight out jump to the right side! The wharf is a great place to swim for everyone.

Some things that you should do in Miloliʻi are swimming, diving, and fishing. A great place to go swimming is at the awa (harbor). It is perfect for the aunties and uncles to go swimming because it is like brackish water.

When you are diving, I recommend you go diving around the wharf and more out towards the deeper ends. When you are going, use a regular three-prong spear for fish that is not too small and not too big. The same thing goes for spearguns.

When you are fishing you can go literally everywhere. There are different types of fishing like shore casting. Another type of fishing is “throw net.” Throw net is when you go on the rocks and look for the fish that you want and then you throw the net in the water to catch it. When you pull in the net make sure you are pulling it in very carefully – but fast at the same time. There is a certain type of net that you need to use.

Another type of fishing that you can do is ʻōpelu fishing. ʻŌpelu fishing is a type of fishing that a lot of the people that live there practice. ʻŌpelu fishing is when you go on the waʻa (canoe), paddle out into deep areas and then you place your palu (fish bait) into something like a handkerchief. Then you throw it out into the water. Some people will even jump out of the waʻa and put a net under the fish that swim up to get the palu.

My favorite memory of Miloliʻi is of kūpuna making a net for ʻōpelu fishing and throwing net. Kūpuna are so graceful and wise in Miloliʻi.