Kakaʻako Makai: Envisioning a Kīpuka Where People Live, Work and Play

After acquiring Kakaʻako Makai in 2012, OHA reached out to Native Hawaiians across the pae ʻāina via a series of “visioning” meetings to discuss ideas for development on these lands. The manaʻo shared by the community at these meetings was foundational to the development of OHA’s vision for Kakaʻako Makai. OHA envisions developing these lands in a way that balances commerce and culture, to ensure that the land will not only generate revenues for the betterment of Native Hawaiians, but that it also creates a Hawaiian “sense of place.”

OHA Moves Forward With Kakaʻako Makai

Urban Honolulu is undergoing an exciting renaissance. The rows of industrial warehouses and parking lots that long checkered Kakaʻako are giving way to trendy eateries and shops. Young families who were able to become first-time homeowners because of area’s new residential towers are bringing fresh energy to a once dormant neighborhood.

Fishponds, Factories and Families: 200 Years of Change in Kaka‘ako

Change came to all of Hawaiʻi after the “discovery” of our islands by British explorers, but few places in our pae ʻāina were as quickly or as profoundly affected as Kakaʻako.

Kakaʻako Makai: A Chronology of Quick Facts

History of OHA and Kakaʻako Makai through the years


What is fact and what fiction? Get the answers to some frequently asked questions about Kakaʻako Makai